This is What KPI’s is about!

No matter where you go, you can easily find a restaurant that is just as famous for its milieu and atmosphere as for the food served there. The reason for this is probably that, despite the fact that so many people try to keep their fingers on the pulse of the newest trends of cuisine, deep down in their hearts even the most sophisticated gastro kids adore a bistro which is not only creative and innovative, revolutionary and trendsetter, but above all, it has a heart and a soul. Moreover, we like places that don't want to be more than what they are: simple, yet lovable places where you can have a good meal!

These restaurants are usually run by people who devote themselves to the guests and the kitchen because they know this is the only way to create a real community space, which you will always be happy to return to. 

In this spirit, Kpi's (pronounced "Kápi'z") also opened on Nyugati tér. In terms of its concept, the Japanese-Hungarian fusion is unique and exciting in itself, but Kpi's wants to place itself in a dimension that not only awaits those who would like to have lunch in the hustle and bustle of the city center or have something special for dinner with a group of friends, family, or business partners but especially those who live their everyday lives as music fans - but especially their weekends. 

The owner of Kpi's, Péter Székely (a.k.a. Kpi) has been an active player in the hospitality industry for decades. In addition, he has a long-standing fondness for Japan. As a result, it was almost unimaginable that Kpi would open a store where the fusion of his two favorite cuisines would not be provided by music or his musical world as a social background.

In addition to the fact that you can often meet the owner in addition to the regular guests, there is a good chance that those who come there will run into one of their favorite domestic or international bands, their favorite DJ or actor, who comes in just like any other guest. other.

However, celeb-spotting is only an exciting part, as you can take part in dinners hosted by famous chefs, book presentations, public meetings - and last but not least, you can get to know the parallels between Hungarian and Japanese cuisines and the fusions of the two nations' food - not to mention the drinks!